How snow and cold weather can effect your roof?

While witnessing a fresh blanket of snow can offer a serene sight, it poses a considerable threat to your roof's integrity. Accumulating snow exerts immense pressure, especially as it undergoes cycles of thawing, refreezing, and additional snowfall. This added weight swiftly transforms into a burden for any roof.

Roofs with low slopes face heightened vulnerability compared to steeper ones, as they struggle to shed heavy snow efficiently. Wind-driven snow drifts exacerbate the issue, creating concentrated loads in specific areas. Multi-level roofs exacerbate drifting concerns, leaving low-lying sections particularly susceptible to damage. The convergence of snow accumulation, drifting, and wind significantly raises the risk of sudden roof failures and leaks, catching property owners off guard.

Moreover, snow buildup can lead to the formation of ice dams, resulting in potential damage to interior walls and ceilings.

With no outlet for drainage, water infiltrates between shingles, finding its way back into the structure, potentially causing extensive damage.

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